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Smallville season 4 was cluttered with issues, and has actually long been called among the program’’ s worst stories. The 4th season of the Superman prequel series, which was set throughout Clark’’ s senior year in high school, was fixated the look for the 3 Kryptonian Stones of Power. In spite of an appealing property, the total story disappointed the remainder of the program.

The Smallville season 3 ending ended on among the program’’ s most significant cliffhangers when it landed Lionel (John Glover) in jail, had Clark (Tom Welling) removed by Jor-El to satisfy his fate, relatively exterminated Chloe (Allison Mack), put Lex (Michael Rosenbaum) on death’’ s door, and sent out Lana (Kristin Kreuk) to Paris. Season 4 got where season 3 ended and informed brand-new stories for each character.

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Season 4 was a fascinating point in the program’’ s ten-year history. Clark was lastly able to play football and end up being the group’’ s star gamer. The intro of Lana’’ s brand-new sweetheart, Jason Teague( Jensen Ackles )altered her vibrant with Clark and made their relationship much lesser. Lionel began down a redemptive course, and Chloe’’ s relationship with Clark deviated when she covertly found his powers. Even though season 4 moved numerous of their stories forward, it got a fantastic offer of criticism. Here’’ s what failed with season 4, and how it might have been much better.

Plans for season 4 needed to be altered due to unanticipated situations, which might have harmed the program. In seasons 2 and 3, famous Superman star Christopher Reeve played Dr. Vergil Swann , the researcher who led the way for Clark to learn more about his Kryptonian heritage. When scheduling disputes avoided him from returned for the season 4 best, the series generated his partner, Dr. Bridget Crosby, played by timeless Lois Lane starlet Margot Kidder. Smallville utilized Crosby to supply details that Dr. Swann couldn ’ t, however still planned on utilizing both characters together at a later point. When Christopher Reeve passed away, this ended up being difficult.

Smallville still had Dr. Crosby however– however sadly not for long. At some point after the huge expose that Crosby had among the Stones of Power, Kidder asked to be exterminated since she felt the program’s manufacturers were attempting to profit from Reeve’s death. The scene was ditched, and Crosby was completely killed by Jason Teague off-screen. Based upon how her story ended, it appeared that Crosby was going to provide her Stone to Clark, however it has actually been reported in the past that Smallville ’ s initial strategy was for Crosby to be the season 4 primary bad guy. If her character wasn ’ t all of a sudden– and unceremoniously– eliminated from the program, it might be that season 4 may have turned out extremely in a different way. There ’ s no informing what would have occurred if Crosby, who was believed to be a reliable ally, switched on Clark.

Lana ’ s arc in season 4 is among the program ’ s most disliked stories, and it ’ s simple to see why. Of all, Smallville provided what was perhaps one of its worst episodes when Lana, Chloe, and Lois were all had by 17th century witches in “ Hex. ” This occurred as an outcome of Lana ’ s connection to her forefather, Isobel Thoreaux, a female who was burned at the stake for practicing witchcraft. Obviously, Isobel sought the Stones and utilized Lana ’ s body to continue her search. The’scenes with the sexy Isobel Thoreaux and her friends shouting wonderful spells were exceptionally cringeworthy, and it didn ’ t aid that fans weren ’ t accustomed to seeing magic on Smallville. Rather of moving previous Isobel Thoreaux after “ Hex, ” Smallville kept the story going and let the witch have Lana on’2 more events.

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“ Hex ” isn ’ t the only season 4 episode that gets a great deal of hate . Throughout this time, Smallville was still utilizing its “ freak of the week ” format, with Clark and his buddies frequently taking on“meteor-infected trainees at his high school. This worked well for the a lot of part, however as anticipated, not every episode that utilized this formula discussed well. The issue with that is that numerous of the program ’ s most poorly-received episodes took place in season 4 alone. They ’ re did not like primarily for the exact same factor, which is that they feel a bit too improbable to credible. One example of this is “ Spirit, ” in which a ghost of a departed teen has the primary characters in order to participate in senior prom. There ’ s likewise “ Ageless, ” with the child that ages to the adult years in a matter “of hours” , and “ Forever, ” where the trainees are caught in a structure by a kid who never ever desires’high school to end.

What held season 4 back more so than anything else was its method to the primary plot. The start of season 4 established what guaranteed to be among its most fascinating yet, since it weaved a story that incorporated almost all of its characters. For the very first time, Clark, Lana, Lex, and Lionel were all thinking about the very same thing. Jason and his mom, Genevieve Teague (Jane Seymour ), were tossed into the mix. Smallville invested a number of episodes having Lana searching for responses about her forefather and the Stones. Lex, Lionel, Jason, and Genevieve all had clashes too, considering that everyone had their own program. It ’ s worth keeping in mind that out of everybody who sought the Stones, the individual with the least participation in the search was the character whose fate was to discover them: Clark Kent. He was bought by Jor-El to collect them all, Clark invested really little time actively browsing for them. Clark did accompany Lana to China to search for among the Stones in “ Sacred, ” however for the majority of the season, Clark didn ’ t have much of a function in moving the story along. It definitely wasn ’ t great that Clark seemed like he had actually been restricted to a side character in his own program.

Despite a variety of problems, Smallville season 4 had a great deal of great minutes. It presented the principle of Clark coordinating with other DC Comics heroes by having him satisfy Kyle Gallner ’ s Bart Allen , and included among the most extreme season endings in the program ’ s history. It likewise brought Erica Durance ’ s Lois Lane into the fold. The incredibly favorable reception her character got caused her ending up being a series routine for the rest of the series. All things thought about, the season still might have been’far better if it had actually simply entered a various instructions with its Stones of Power story. Clark never ever even got to fulfill Genevieve , the season ’ s huge bad, which goes to demonstrate how detached he was from the overarching plot.

Plus, season 4 might have been a lot more fascinating if Clark had actually shared more interactions with Lana, Lex, and Lionel in concerns to the Stones. It might be that Smallville prevented scenarios like that on’function in order to safeguard his trick, however the program might have put Clark front-and-center of the story and include more secret to his connection to the Kawatche Caves . , if Smallville had actually done this prior to the ending, Lana ’ s choice to provide Clark her Stone would have made a lot more sense.. She stated she offered it to him due to the fact that she thought it was indicated for him, however she never ever had a factor to reach this conclusion. Lana didn ’ t even understand that Clark just accompanied her to China to pursue his own interests in the Stones’. Genevieve never ever understood that Clark was anything more than Lana ’ s ex-boyfriend, and as for Jason, he was unconcerned to Clark ’ s genuine function till the ending. Any of these characters finding that Clark sought the Stones might have shocked the story and might have resulted in some amazing advancements.

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